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Philatelic and Numismatic Items

Post Holocaust Europe - Set 3

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Duo Austria - Israel Holocaust commemoration maxicard.

Issued to commemorate Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 20th Anniversary - franked with Austrian stamp cancelled with cachet cancellation depicting the Jewish Star ( Magen David ) and Jewish fighters . Front side is a reproduction of 1956 Polish maxicard depicting Warsaw Ghetto Monument with sculpture of the Jewish hero and commander Mordechai Anielewicz.

austrian maxicard
austrian maxicard reverse

Post WWII Holocaust postcard Lidice before and after

Postcard showing the Czechoslovakian town of Lidice before and after the destruction by Nazi Germany. Postcard is used, stamp was removed.

lidice before and after
lidice before and after reverse

czech hymn postcard

Postcard issued to commemorate Lidice Masacre. Franked with Lidice commemorative stamp and the scarce official Czech red seal . Image depicting the words of the Czech National Hymn.

Holocaust,Souvenir Auschwitz Postal card,1947

auschwitz postcardA postal card issued by the Polish postal service, with a photo from Auschwitz, a commemorative pre printed stamp and hand stamped by the Auschwitz Museum, 6/14/1947.

Duo Poland - Israel Holocaust commemoration Maxi Card

polish maxicard

Depicting Auscwitz Death Camp - franked with Polish stamp cancelled with FDC in Oswiecim ( Auschwitz )as well as Israeli Holocaust commemoration stamps issued and cancelled with FDC a few years later (1965).

aushwitz fdc

First Day Cover from Poland, 1962, issued to commemorate KL Auscwitz - Birkenau Philatelic Exhibition.

warsaw fdc

FDC issued to commemorate Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 50th Anniversary franked with both Israel and Poland stamps cancelled with cachet cancellations. The cover image depicts the Synagogue in Warsaw that was burned by the Nazis in 1943

der ewige jude der ewige jude

"Der Ewige Jude," (The Eternal Jew) exhibition which emphasized anti-Semitic themes was shown in Munich during 1937 and later in Vienna. The film by Fritz Hippler of the same title was filmed in the Lodz Ghetto during 1940 and was released in many, but not all countries under occupation. The film was shown to SS men and Order Police before killing operations in the Eastern Zones. The same image appeared in the Paris Metro during the German occupation of France.