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Philatelic and Numismatic Items

Nazi Philatelic Items - Set 3

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Anti-Semitic, Anti-WWII Item

anti-semitic anti-war message

French anti-Semitic and anti-War message from 1942: "This dollar has paid for the Jewish War: Money has no smell, but the Jew has one!" The text points to Henry Morganthau, Junior (US Secretary of the Treasury during World War II), a typical anti-Semitic canard. It also analyzes the symbols of the American dollar as symbols of a conspiracy:

  • The Eagle of Israel
  • The Triangle
  • The Eye of Jehovah or the Masonic Eye
  • 13 letters of the motto
  • 13  stars in the halo
  • 13 arrows
  • 13 branches of an olive tree
  • 13 steps of the unfinished pyramid

"This money is very much Jewish"

Note: These anti-Semitic references are false, stemming from the turn of the Century, PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, a document written in Russia around 1905 by Serge Nilus, a Russian Orthodox monk, who believed in "The World Jewish conspiracy."

dollar front

Washington face-note signature of Henry Morganthau on bottom right, Secretary of the Treasury.

dollar reverse

The symbols referred to above plys "Novus ordo seclorum." Some anti-Semities insisted the eagle on the right was not an eagle, but a "phoenix," symbolizing the rise of the Jews through World War II.

WW2 Anti-Semitic Propaganda Leaflet

propaganda leafletpropaganda leaflet

This is an interesting example of WW2 era propaganda printed on two sides of very thin paper and is entitled "Die Faster Pals". To quote the text: "In London and Washington the news-hounds of the big Jew owned press agencies are waiting stop watch in hand, for war news and headlines that will make money for newspapers". Sounds eerily like the propaganda still being disseminated by white supremist hate groups today. Measures: 5.5" x 8".

postcard showing cancellation

Cancellation from November 20, 1938, "The Eternal Jew," Anti-Semitic exhibition in Berlin, suggests how extensive anti-Semitic propaganda was in this period after Kristallnacht.

postcard showing cancellation

The same exhibition cancellation  from Munich in 1937, where it opened.

kristalnacht commemoration

Contemporary Kristallnacht Commemoration cover

anti-semitic postcard

German Jewish Anti-Semitic Postcard
This postcard was published in 1915 in Germany. It attempts to portray a Russian Jew as a Russian Polish lice. Postally used 1916. Feldpost. Judaica.

1940 serial Jewish National Fund 40 stamps DIASPORA Holocaust

These are special folders which were given during the HOLOCAUST period to school pupils in order to collect these stamps ( By way of donation ) to be glued in. The folders are called LO NISHKACHECH HAGOLAH - WE WON'T FORGET YOU DIASPORA. The text on the back  describe the HOLOCAUST - WW2  honors and the obligation of ERETZ ISRAEL - PALESTINE children to help the suffering European Jewry and SHERIT HAPLETA with  their donations . The FORTY MOST BEAUTIFUL stamps give a thorough view of the DIASPORA sights, symbols and art. Many of the stamps describe SYNAGOGUES : Toledo, Rome, Vermisa ( Rashi's ), Brodi, Prague, Budapest, Volpe ( wooden ), Mejibuzch ( Besht's ), Amsterdam etc. Many stamps describe Jewish art by BEZALEL artists such as STEINHARDT ( 2 stamps) E.M. LILIEN ( 4 stamps ) H. Struck ( 2 stamps ) BUDKO ( 2 stamps ). Many stamps describe Jewish European Ghettos and other Jewish institutes. Each folder measures ( While open ): 7.5" x 7".

jewish national fund stamps
jewish national fund stamps
jewish national fund stamps

Souvenir sheets honoring Chiune Sugihara

Souvenir sheets from Sierre Leone, Liberia,Grenada and Gambia honoring the Japanese Consul in Vilnius, Chiune Sugihara, who issued visas to Jews in Lithuania who were able to escape East to Shanghai, Kobe (Japan) where 5,000 were housed during the war, or to the USA and Canada in the pre-Decemeber 7, 1941 period.

sierra leone sugihara sheet
the gambia sugihara sheet
grenada sugihara sheet
grenada sugihara sheet
liberia sugihara sheet

liberation commemorative folder

Hand autographed by the designer, # 42 of 180 issued , special presentation folder
issued to commemorate the end of the Second World War and Liberation of the Camps.