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Nazi Numismatics Items - Set 2

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Bank Note.

Antisemitic german banknote issued by the city of Tostedt in the early 1920s. It shows two Jews hanging at a tree surrounded by ravens. The inscription says: "This should happen to all them profiteers and Germany would be better off".
Size: 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

tostedt notgeld
tostedt notgeld

A pair of uncirculated notes from Pinzgau, Austria. Denominations of 40 & 80 Heller. Each note displays a Devil who has chained a Jewish merchant. Bags of money appear in the background. Dated 1921.


A 5 mark promissory note issued to refugees from Germany during 1933-35.

Holocaust Memorial Polish Banknotes

In 1986, a set of 3 Polish banknotes in various denominations were printed from original plates with with additional Yiddish, Hebrew and Polish inscriptions honoring the martyred Jews of Poland and the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto. It is not clear who issued, or under whose instructions these notes were issued.

polish banknotes
polish banknotes
polish banknotes
polish banknotes
polish banknotes
polish banknotes

Holocaust, Buchenwald currencies issued by SS

A one mark note issued by the SS to be used by inmates in Buchenwald concentration camp, serial # 10991 and # 11476. On the left shows 2 Reichsmark Script Note.

wertmarke wertmarke buchenwald script note


3 Mark Lagergeld from Buchenwald

lagergeld3 Mark Lagergeld from Buchenwald concentration camp, Serial number 68636. Buchenwald was a Nazi concentration camp established on the Ettersberg near Weimar, Thuringia, Germany. Camp prisoners worked primarily as slave labour in local armament factories. Inmates were Jews, political prisoners, religious prisoners, and prisoners of war. See other CHGS sites under "Monuments" on Virtual Museum page and also under links for more details about the camp.