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Visualizing Otherness IV - Set 1

Visualizing Otherness: Native Americans

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indians car flag

Cleveland Indians Professional baseball team licensed Car Flag

indians wall flag

Cleveland Indians Professional baseball team licensed Wall Hang (image cannot be enlarge.)

indians alarm clock

A Cleveland Indians alarm clock.

kansas city chiefs logo

Computer monitor cover: Kansas City Chiefs Logo.

atlanta braves logo

Symbols of the Atlanta (formerly Boston and Milwaukee) Braves. Outdoor Team Flag.

boston braves logo

This is a top of a quaker oats can from 1953. This on is the Boston Braves in there last year in Boston.

redskins belt buckle

Washington Redskins Belt Buckle.

redskins helmet bank

Washington Redskins Football Team. Helmet bank.

redskins antenna ball

Washington Redskins Pocket Helmet Antenna Ball.

redskins car cling

Washington Redskins Car Cling.

redskins coaster set

Washington Redskins Coaster set.

redskins necktie

Washington Redskins Tie.

cowboys 'n' injuns comic

Cowboys and Indians comic book, 1950s.

drunk injuns album

"Drunk Injuns LP Record::Frontside Grind Label/Cat.#:Beware #DX1206 Year:1987. The image uses a photo of a German soldier shooting a Jewish woman during the Holocaust.