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Visualizing Otherness IV - Set 1

Visualizing Otherness: Native Americans

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Note: Many of the images shown here are offensive to Native-Americans. However, they are shown because they represent means within popular culture by which the sense of inferiority was imposed on Native-Americans during the period after the defeat of Native peoples on the Great Plains and the establishment of the "Reservation" system by the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs. These images from poastcards, games, books and toys may be compared with images of other minorities featured on this web site. They raise the question of how American culture deals with a native population that fought against white-European settlement in the New World. Hopefully, images may be viewed in this context can create a discussion of the effects of such visual images on the culture at large.

Historians David Stannard and Ward Churchill, among many, take the position that Native Peoples were victims of a genocide in the Western Hemisphere after the arrival of Europeans in 1492.

indian chiefs

Post card, circa 1904.

little girl

Little Girl Dressed as Indian: circa 1904-1918.

sioux leaders

Sioux Indian Chiefs/leaders Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Red Horse, and Spotted Eagle. The images based on three 1883-1894 photographs by David F. Barry and a 1880 photograph by L. A. Huffman.

sioux leaders

Sioux Indian Chiefs/leaders White Bear, Red Cloud, Red Horse, and Short Bull. The images based on photographs by David F. Barry and Frank B. Fiske.

sioux leaders

"Indians of the Great Plains Post Cards": Sioux Indian Chiefs/leaders Sitting Bull, Low Dog, Red Horse, and Gall. The images based on 1881-1884 photographs by David F. Barry.

Stereo views, circa 1900 of Native Americans

stereoviews astereoviews b

Marx Toys - Indians Toy Set.

marx indians

Cigar Bands

cigar bands

Native Americans Depicted on Cigar Bands:set of 24 different cigar bands with Native Americans like Peublo, Maya, Crow, Algonkin, Odjibwa, Navajo, Mandan, Dregon, Teton, Shoshones, Senecas, Oglala Sioux, Ticheyenne, Apache, Arikaras, Shawnee, Black Feet, Quechua, Tehuelche, Hopi, Pawnee, Kiowa, Sioux, and Cheyenne.

cigar bands

24 old Havana Karakter cigar bands with Native Americans Indians like Dakota Indian, Ute, Aztec, Inka, Blackfoot, Witoto, Rawnee, Veragua, Kikota, Pawnee, Pueblo, Apache, Navaho, Sioux and Tlingits Indians.

cigar bands

Set of 15 Morrita cigar bands with Native Americans Indians like Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Pontiac, Sequoyah, Chief Joseph, Red Jacket, Rain in the face, Satanta, Little Wolf, Osceola, Dull Knife, Tecumseh, Crazy Horse, Black Hawk and Pocahontas.