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Visualizing Otherness III - Set 3

Visualizing Otherness in America: Racist and Discriminatory Views of Afro-Americans in Popular Culture - continued.

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"Ten Little Niggers" by Agatha Christie.

ten little niggers

Famous possibly because of the controversial title which was later changed to "And Then There Were None".This edition is published by Fontana Books in 1976.

"Little Black Sambo" by Helen Bannerman

little black sambo

Story of Little Black Sambo book by Helen Bannerman from 1920s.

little black sambo

1950 edition of the same book.

little black sambo

1953 edition of the same book by Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin.

Little Black Sambo and the Baby Elephant Wee Book

This is a vintage children's book, a Wee Book for Wee Folks, titled Little Black Sambo and the Baby Elephant by Frank Ver Beck. It is 4 3/8" x 5 11/16". It was printed in 1935, by Platt & Munk. 1920s. Illustrations by Frank Ver Beck.

baby sambo wee book baby sambo wee book baby sambo wee book baby sambo wee book

Better Homes and Gardens Story Book

better homes and garden

The inclusion in the book of these three stories:

  1. Little Black Sambo.
  2. The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story.
  3. Uncle Remus Initiates The Little Boy.

This is the 1950 First Edition, Banned Version.

Jolliffe Comic Book

Jolliffe comic book, either early 1960's or late 1950's vintage. The issue featuring humorous cartoons featuring Australia's black (aboriginal) population. The cartoons featured aborigines in traditional dress (loin covering breechcloths for the men and front and back cloth flaps for the women). Females were usually drawn topless and drawn in such a style as to be an object of desire and curiosity by white males. The aboriginals were always drawn in humorous vein portraying scenes that suggested they were not very intelligent. See links pages for other sites that deal with fate of aboriginals in Australia and other areas of the South Pacific.

jolliffe comic book
jolliffe comic book
little sambo movie poster

Reproduction of Little Black Sambo Movie Poster.

doll pattern

1943 Vintage pattern to make Sambo & Miranda including their wardrobe.

little sambo marbles

Little Black Sambo Marbles.

blackface bottle opener

Bottle opener with a black face.

milk sign

Sambo Milk Sign, 1930s. (This image cannot be enlarged.)

sambo fishing lure

"Little Black Sambo" Fishing lure, Nebraska, USA.

cigarette holder

Heavy weight paper stand up cigarette or fire cracker holder. There is a place in his mouth that can be punched out for holding a fire cracker or cigarette. (This image cannot be enlarged.)

conferderate money

$100 note from the Confederate States of America, US Civil War depicting Negro Slaves working on plantation. Dates 1862, before Emancipation Proclamation.