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Visualizing Otherness III - Set 2

Visualizing Otherness in America: Racist and Discriminatory Views of Afro-Americans in Popular Culture - continued.

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1907 postcards

Two postcards depicting Afro-Americans, circa 1907

1910 postcards

Circa 1910 Stereo card #14 Negroes at work near Cristobal, Panama Canal Zone during the building of the Panama Canal.

forbidden fairways book

"Forbidden Fairways," book from the 1920s about Afro-Americans being kept off golf courses.

boycott poster

NAPA Anti-Segregation Poster urging boycott of Stag Beer because of failure to hire Afro-Americans. 1950s/60s.

sambo watermelon label

Watermelon label, 1940s.

sambo magic  trick

Old 1920's Dancing Sambo novelty magic trick.  It features a jointed "black sambo" figure 11.5 inches tall, described as  "Dancing Sambo, Easy to work, Fun at your parties."

Derogatory comics from 1911 were printed in various American Newspapers.

1911 comics
1911 comics
1911 comics
1911 comics
1911 comics
1911 comics

Chef and Mammy Figures are found frequently at flea markets all across the United States.

chef and mammy detail
chef and mammy
chef and mammy detail
sambo board game

Sambo Board Game by Wyandotte, a major toy maker in the 1940s and 1950s.

sambo ashtray

1940's Made in Japan Black Americana Ceramic Black Sambo Eye Glass holder.

glasses holder

1940's Black Americana Chalkware Black Sambo ash tray, Black Sambo is eating a piece of watermelon.

sambo hotpad holder

1949 Black Americana Chalkware Black Sambo hot pad holder.