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Visualizing Otherness I - Set 7

Visualizing Otherness: Nazi and other use of visual representation - Continued

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Left. A rare (copyright by Samuel Goldring) artist drawn image of a Rabbi holding a large scapel with the object being to perform a circumcision. A naked child is lying on a stretcher drinking out of his bottle. A woman (Jewish mother?) is standing at the baby's head. The caption: Isador Gets His First 10% Cut. Art Center, 442 N. Vermont Avenue, Atlantic City, N.J.

Mother Goose and the Golden Egg

"From c1830 rare 8 page rag paper chap book entitled: "MOTHER GOOSE AND THE GOLDEN EGG", published by J. Wrigley, NY.Engraved graphics include an anti-semitic rendering of a Jewish man.

golden egg page
golden egg page detail
golden egg cover

Carved bone walking stick

Cane of an anti semitic theme depicting a grotesque man with a large nose and teeth and a carved yarmulka(kippa) on his head.

walking stick detail
walking stick full
walking stick detail
walking stick detail
walking stick detail
walking stick detail

Program from Jud Süss

Program from the German film, Jud Suess. The film was shown in German cinemas in the years 1940 and 1941. It focuses on the hatred developed against Suess Oppenheimer, who became treasurer for the Grand Duke of Wurtemburg during the 18th Century. Suess is eventually hanged for the rape of an "Aryan" woman. Actors in the film were chosen because of their ability to speak German with a "Jewish" accent.

jud seuss cover
jud seuss program
jud seuss program

"Kikeriki! Vienna Humoristic People's Paper"

Anti-Semitic caricature in the Vienna newspaper "Kikeriki! Vienna Humoristic People's Paper" (Kikeriki! Wiener humoristisches Volksblatt), from March 1913.

The caricature shows a postcard, published in the Kikeriki series. Its title cites a German proverb speaking about education and learning: 'If one wants to be a hook one day,he has to bend betimes'."Hook" also means "hooked nose".

kikeriki 1
kikeriki 2
kikeriki 3

World War I: Postcard wth anti-Semitic drawing

The title of the postcard speaks about the music orchestra of the "Deutschmeister" (an Austrian infantery regiment in World War I) in Russian-Poland.

deutschmeister front
deutschmeister reverse

Quisling Fascist propaganda poster from WW2

An original Quisling Fascist propaganda poster from WW2 German-occupied Norway. Artwork shows a member of the Hird - the "Stormtrooper" section of Vidkun Quisling's Nasjonal Samling party (note St.Olaf's Cross armband on his blue-black uniform) - defending Norway against the stereotypical enemies - the serpent-like Bolshevik (hammer-and-sickle / stars), the Jewish-British Imperialist ( + Star of David), the Jewish-American Financier ($$$ + Star of David). Note also the large "V" symbol - the "V for Victory" campaign of the Allies was "hi-jacked" and neutralised by Axis propaganda-agencies. 69 x 48 cm

mot bolsjevisme og pengevelde
mot bolsjevisme og pengevelde detail

World War I Postcard

World War I: Postcard with anti-Semitic drawing: "In the new garrison" (In der neuen Garnison). Printed in Austria.

in der neuen Garnison
new garrison detail
new garrison detail

"The Jews in the USA"

Nazi Propaganda publication from 1939. "The Jews in the USA," by Dr. Hans Diebow pubished in Germany by the Nazi Party (DSDAP). This work was designed to show that there "was no difference between the Jews of Europe and Jews in America." Photos are taken in odd situations or are designed to enhance stereotypes of the physical aspects of the Jewish body. The cover shows New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia eating at a barbeque (LaGuardia's father was an American army bandleader and his mother was European of aristocratic Italian Jewish lineage). LaGuardia's sister, interestingly enough, born in 1881 in New York City, Emma Gluck and her Hungarian Jewish husband were living in Budapest in 1944 when Nazi troops occupied the city. The Gestapo arrested her as a political prisoner because she was La Guardia's sister. She was deported to Mauthausen with her husband, and enslaved at Ravensbrueck, a notorious concentration camp for women. Gluck was 64 when she was released from Ravensbrück in the spring of 1945.)

interior cover


Overweight Jews

rag picker

Jews selling rags in New York

turkish russian bath

Street Rabble in front of the Russian-Turkish bath, lower Manhattan.

jewish woman

"Typical" Jewish woman's face (as if Jews were trying to conceal themselves as Christian Americans).

jewish couple

Jewish couple with "Jewish noses."

jewish and black men

Jews and Negroes-responsible for corruption of civilization (also "Afro-Judaic Musik"-sometimes called "Swing Music.")

jewish humorists

Jewish humorists Jimmy Ritz and Samuel Joachim


Rabbis are the generals of Israel.