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Visualizing Otherness I - Set 4

Visualizing Otherness: Nazi and other use of visual representation - Continued

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booklet cover and pages

booklet pages

booklet pages

Anti-Semitic Nazi Book - Roosevelt Betrays Us

Anti-semitic Nazi booklet. It reveals President Roosevelt to be a willingmarionette of a jewish lobby that tried to drag the US into a war against Germany. The book discovers that the USA are ruled by Jews who have managed to corrupt politicians and industry. And the american population has to pay the price. The included. pictures show the contrast between the life of Roosevelt and other rich Jews and the miserable existence of some workers who have to life in shabby flats.
Issued in 1942, 32 p., Size: 8 x 6 inches

nazi leaflet 1938

Anti-semitic image, Germany, circa 1938, showing working class feeding the hungry "Jew" who survives as a parasite. The teeth are made of Stars of David. This is a prototypical image of anti-Semitism that survives into the 21st Century.

nazi leaflet 1944

Anti-Semitic flyer, circa 1944 showing Jewish control of finance, prostitution, and governments. Note skulls on the throne, Menorah to the right, and women depicted as sexual slaves.

nazi leaflet 1941

1941 cartoon in German and Italian accusing Jews and Bolsheviks (Stalin) being allied against the Axis powers. Jews are both capitalists and communists at the same time.

nazi leaflet 1941

Similar German cartoon from 1941 showing Jewish control over the Allied leadership, including Stalin and Lord Halifax.

nazi leaflet 1930s

Late 1930s German postcard of Adolf Hitler with slogan "Bolshevism is Jewish."

ukranian leaflet

Ukrainian World War II leaflet "Bolshevism is Jewish." Figures are those Jews in Soviet government. Second from left is Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov.

ukranian leaflet
ukranian leaflet 2

Two sides of World War II Ukrainian leaflet showing traditional Jew and Jewish commissar, one in the same.

wwii leaflet

"Under the Jewish Banner," leaflet from World War II shows "Jewish Commisar" leading Soviet troops with flag showing Soviet leaders who were alleged to have Jewish racial backgrounds.

Money image from bottom left--move this to philatelic and numismatic page with other NOTGELD examples.

"50 pfennig NOTGELD (Municipal money issued during the German great inflation of early 1920s) with anti-Semitic images. Left shows Jews being tested in ducking cage in medieval period, while right depicts prison torture.

wwii leaflet

Leaflet for World War II showing Jewish control of the war and Jews grinding people into profits.

chain nose post card

Anti semitic PC chain nose of jew.

The postcard of the "Grand-Hotel Goldener Loewe" (Golden Lion) of approx. 1930. There is the head of a characterized typ printed in black on the card. The nose is formed of an original metal chain which moves as soon as the postcard will be touched. This card was patented by the Grand Hotel

1921 czech artist card

Czech anti semitic artist card, 1921.

Original anti semitic propaganda card released by czech in Praha. In 1920/21 a set of 11 different anti-semitic, partly colored, postcards were released. Each card was signed "F.G." and shows the "typical orthodox jew", once called "Premysl Khonwalinka". These cards are full of high explosive anti semitic details and ironical senses: see the hat, the large caftan, the big lower lip and fleshy nose.

nazi leaflet 1930s

Anti semitic German poster from 1940 based on images from The Eternal Jew.

ukranian leaflet

German postcard from around 1900 showing overweight Jewish woman described as "A kosher bather."