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Visualizing Otherness I - Set 1

Visualizing Otherness: Nazi and other use of visual representation

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Below. Eight visual images from "Don't Trust a Fox/Trust Not the Jew," ("Trau keinem Jud") by Bauer (1936) an anti-Semitic Children's Book published by the German anti-Semitic newspaper, "DER STURMER." Note that images of the Jew have exaggerated physical features, especially distortions of face and body, while Germans/Aryans are cast as physical ideals. The book made a strong case for ostracism of the Jew from German society, such as image number 2, first column, which depicts a scene at a lake in Germany with the Jews looking at the sign that says "!Jews! You Are not Wanted Here." Column 2, image #2 juxtaposed the healthy Aryan physique versus the distorted Jewish body; image  number #3 in this same column  depicts an "ugly" Jew in his household feasting away and presumably exploiting a non-Jewish servant. Note the Jewish calendar on the wall over the Jew's head and the Star of David. The first image in column #3 suggests the Jewish body is a blight on the beautiful natural landscape, hence an aesthethic problem, while the next image shows Julius Streicher, editor of Der Strumer,in brown uniform  greeting healthy German young people.

Other visual images in this section deal with alleged Jewish control of capital, lust for world domination, associations with communism, as well as stereotyping based on images of the body. Identification of the Jew is often linked with distortion of language as a key to otherness, a trait often found in new immigrants. Many of these are from democratic countries, suggesting the pervasiveness of this form of anti-Semitism, not engineered by the State, but nevertheless dangerous.

trau keinem jud

trau keinem jud 1

trau keinem jud 2

trau keinem jud 3

trau keinem jud 4

trau keinem jud 5

trau keinem jud 6

trau keinem jud 7

trau keinem jud 8

trau keinem jud 9

trau keinem jud 10

trau keinem jud 11

trau keinem jud 12

trau keinem jud 13

trau keinem jud 14

Below. Images on the Other from Early 20th Century Postcards, various countries including the United States.

postcard 1

postcard 2

postcard 3

woman with flag

man with flag


customer and clerk

men at table

boy and clerk

Anti-Semitic Images from Scotland, circa 1908, Published by Bamforth.

scottish humor card

Scottish Jewish humor. Judaica. Published by Bamforth.

scottish humor card 2

Scottish Jewish humor. Judaica. Published by Bamforth.

anti-semitic postcard 1908

Anti-Semitic Jewish Postcard 1908

wwII flyer

Above. World War II Flyer linking Allies to being controlled by the Jews. The text reads: "Yankee--Englishman-Bolshevi k, (all) dance to the piping of the Jewish mess." 2.52" x  3.85". 1942.

polish nationalist label

Above. A small label addressed to: "Countryman" and talks against the minorities, last statement reads: Poland for the Polish, early twenties, issued by independent nationalists in Poznan.

anti-semitic postcard 1911

Above. Anti-Semitic Jewish Postcard 1911. American anti-Semitic postcard printed in New York. Note the purposeful misspelling. 1910.

anti-semitic poster

Anti-Semitic poster symbolizing Nazi victory over Judaism." c.1942

anti-semitic postcard

Anti-Semitic Jewish Postcard 1904

anti-semitic flyer

Judaica Flyer Anti-Semitism Holocaust Jewish

anti-semitic postcard

Austrian Anti-Semitic Postcard

anti-semitic postcard

Austrian Anti-Semitic Postcard

anti-semitic postcard 1907

Racist, facial stereotype 1907 postcard, "Roman-Grecian is his nose"

anti-semitic postcard pre-1920

Rich,facial stereotype Pre-1920 postcard,artist-signed by Bishop. "Young Lady Named Simons exceedingly fond of Diamonds". Edge wear,postally-used 1908.

anti-semitic postcard pre-1920

Racist, facial stereotype Pre-1920 postcard,artist-signed by FLC Cavally. PAWNBROKER related = "vould do anybody for you".

ill take the opportunity