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Jack and Rochelle Sutin

Jack and Rochelle SutinJack and Rochelle Sutin survived in the Byelorussia forests as partisans, fighting through World War II and avoiding the fate of other Jews from their homeland, Poland. They fought in a detachment under General Zorin. After the war, they were repatriated to Poland but left Poland after pogroms (attacks) against Jews who had returned. The most infamous was the Kielce Pogrom of July 4, 1946. Jews who left Poland sought to get into the American Occupation Zone of Germany, or the British Zone. The Sutins wound up in Neu-Freimann, a DP (Displaced Persons) Camp. While they awaited visas to the United States, Jack became a photographer for the camp newspaper. These photos are from his private collection and show life in the DP camp after the war. A larger collection of original works have been donated to the photography archive at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum .

Photos: Neu-Freimann: Gallery I
Photos: Neu-Freimann: Gallery II
Photos: Neu-Freimann: Gallery III

the sutins

Jack and Rochelle Sutin of Golden Valley were Polish Jews who spent World War II fighting the Nazis from a base in the forests of Poland with other partisans.

jack and rochelle

Jack and Rochelle Sutin.


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Jack and Rochelle Sutin’s testimonies are available at the University of Minnesota through the Visual History Archive developed by the USC Shoah Foundation institute for Visual History and Education (Also known as the Shoah Project). Visit the Visual History Archive website for more information.


Jack and Rochelle

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