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Erna "Sara" Fromm's Passport

Identification Card of Erna "Sara" Fromm, mother-in-law of Henry Oertelt. The front shows the word "Kennkarte" which literally translates "Identification Card". This was strictly a domestic ID document (in Europe, sometimes called an INTERNAL PASSPORT), that was not valid for travelling across the international borders. The "international passport", an entirely different document, required was required for travel to other countries. The German language distinctly differentiates the meaning of these two documents. The "J" for "Jude" was inscribed on international passports beginning in 1938 when Switzerland and Sweden requested such a marking, as their officials were unable to distinguish between German and Jewish names.


City: Berlin
ID No. A 191 577
Valid: 14 May 1944
Name:Fromm, Maiden name: Wolff
First Name:Erna "Sara"
(The name "Sara" was forcefully inserted for the purpose of making sure that the reader of the card realizes that the owner of it is a Jewish person. (In that time no German Christian female ever was named with a Hebrew biblical name such as Sara))
Birth:24 May, 1892
City of Birth:Berlin
Unchanging Marks:Missing
Remarks: None

Important Note: Erna's picture (next to the finger prints). By order for Jews only, care had to be taken that the left ear was not to be obstructed by any hair.

Signed Police Presiden in Berlin, 70th Precint.

KennKarte evacuated from Berlin 10/1/44.

ID Remains valid for time being Aug 23, 1945.

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