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This is the story of Murray Brandys, husband, father, uncle, son-in-law, and friend. This is the story of Moniek Brandys, a Polish immigrant of Jewish faith who traveled to the United States at a young age, who graduated with honors from high school, and who became a successful businessman. But, mostly, this is the story of No. 133909, a Holocaust survivor, captured by German soldiers at age 14 and forced into five years of Nazi labor and concentration camps, and liberated at the age of 20. This is the story that he could not share until now, the story that he felt would weigh too heavily on his family in earlier years.

Without a Home, Without a Roof

Un a heim, un a dach
gevaderd hoben mir bai tyg un bai nacht
niszt gevust vi a hin and vus vetzain
unzer-ciel vail un a heim un a tach
gevanderd hoben mir bai tug un bi nacht

Oif di boisko hot men unc aroif getriben
mir hoben niszt gevust wus vetzain
men hot unc gesztubt un curiben
di Kinder hoben geszrigen un gevaint
men szlug-unc men Plugt unc men panikt unc
mir vaisen niszt vus es vet zan di end
o yoy di end o yoy di e-end

Without a home, without a roof
We wandered day and night
Not knowing where we are going
And what will be our zeal
But without a home, without a roof
We wandered day and night.

We were forced to assemble at the sports stadium
We did not know for what reason
They pushed us, they grated us
The children shouted and cried

They beat us, they plucked us, they made us sufer
And we did not know when it would be the end
When it would be the end

I learned and sang this song at the first labor camp to which I was sent. It written by a resident of Sosnowiec about our city's Jewish citizens' experience.