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  • Death Camp Photos

    Death Camp Photos

    All photos stamped on the reverse PHOTO BY SIGNAL CORPS U.S.ARMY and 166TH SIGNAL PHOTO CO.". Click on image to enlarge.

    Buchenwald Camp Weimar

    buchenwald survivors in latrine

    Photo shows survivors of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in the Latrine.

    buchenwald survivors in quarters

    Photo of survivors of Buchenwald Concentration Camp in their sleeping quarters.

    buchenwald survivors in barracks

    Buchenwald, Survivors in barracks.

    buchenwald survivors in hospital

    Survivors in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp hospital.

    Concentration Camp Ohrdruf

    body pit

    This was the first Camp found in Germany proper. It was found by members of Gen Pattons Third Army, and was photographed by his official photo unit the 166th Signal Photo Co. All of the bodies were exhumed by Germans and reburied under supervision of the US Army.

    cremation on railroad

    The entrance photo at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum shows Generals Eisenhower, Patton and Mark Clark at Ohrdruf looking over a similar site as in this photo, where dead victims were cremted on railroad tracks. This photo was taken at the Ohrdruf Concentration Camp, which was a satellite camp of Buchenwald and was the first Camp found in Germany proper.

    digging for bodies

    Photo shows the beginning of the digging of the pit at Ohrdruf Concentration Camp that yielded thousands of bodies, which were later buried by the Germans under close supervision by the US Army.

    storage shed

    Photo shows the waiting shed at Ohrdruf. Inside can be seen the stacked bodies waiting to be placed in the furnaces.

    stacked bodies

    Photo shows a close up of the victims bodies stacked in the Concentration Camps waiting shed scheduled to be sent to the furnaces.

    stacked bodies

    Bodies awaiting cremation.

    burned on railroad ties

    Bodies burned on railroad ties at Ohrdruf Camp, Germany.

    burned on railroad ties

    Bodies burned on railroad ties at Ohrdruf Camp, Germany.

    other victims

    Other victims at Ohrdruf.

    ohrdruf gallows

    Photo shows a gent wearing a prisoners jacket standing on the infamous Ohrdruf Concentration Camp Gallows. Close observation shows two hooks on the top pole with one of them having wire attached to it

    a dead nazi female

    Photo is apparently of a dead Nazi female guard from the Ohrdruf Concentration Camp. She was either killed by the US troops or by the prisoners, which was not unusual.


    Photo shows most of the 40 prisoners that the Nazi guards killed as the US Army was approaching to liberate Ohrdruf Concentration Camp.