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  • Death Camp Photos

    Death Camp Photos

    Group of photos with explanations in French and English that were made available by Allied Occupation forces for distribution after the liberation of the camps.

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    mound of bodies

    Mound of bodies at Buchenwald, April, 1945.

    mound of bodies

    Mound of Bodies with American troops looking on. Buchenwald, April, 1945.

    kramer at bergen-belsen

    Arrest of Kramer, last Commandant of Auschwitz who loved operations to Bergen-Belsen at the end of 1944 when Auschwitz was evacuated. Kramer is shown under arrest by British military. He was tried as a war criminal and hanged.

    camp de belsen memo
    british troops

    British troops supervising clean-up of Bergen Belsen, April, 1945.

    camp de belsen memo
    ss women

    SS Women helping bury bodies at Bergen Belsen, April, 1945.

    eisenhower at ordruf

    General Eisenhower visiting camp at Ordruf.

    camp de belsen memo
    camp de belsen memo
    german national under detention

    German national under detention at Bergen Belsen, April, 1945.

    camp de belsen memo
    quadruple crematorium

    Quadruple muffle Topf Crematorium at Camp Buchenwald, after liberation." This becomes one of the icon-like images of destruction.