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Liberation of Western Camps

"Liberation of the Western Concentration Camps: 1945" US ARMY and personal photos.


Mauthhausen Concentration Camp, Austria, Liberated by the 11th Armored Division liberated Mauthausen and Gusen I, II and III on May 5, 1945.


Unburied Corpses found at Gusen.

camp gusen

Camp Gusen, Austria

a chained inmate

Inmates were chained for three days without food or water

gold teeth fillings

Gold teeth fillings

linz, austria

More dead than alive at Linz, Austria.

mauthausen prisoners

Prisoners at Mauthausen.


These bodies were thrown into room awaiting cremation (top right) Two of the images are from Gusen.


Nazi Crematiorium rooms at Ebensee, Austria (bottom right). Two of the images are from Gusen


The Hungarian youth on the left survived 6 years in the camp; photo on the right is from Gusen.

women prisoners

Sick women prisoners at Mauthausen


2000 Prisoners a week died from starvation

starved woman

Starved Hungarian woman receives treatment

Rudi Haunschmied who is the expert on the Gusen camps, has indicated that while these images were identified by the donor as coming from a member of the 5th Infantry division, this is probably in error. Mr. Haunschmied has indicated that it is accurate to say that the 5th Infantry Division was involved in the liberation of Western camps, but particularly not the liberation of Mauthausen/Gusen in any direct way other than as a part of the Third Army. The 11th Armored Division liberated Mauthausen and Gusen I, II and III on May 5, 1945. Although other divisions were involved later in May, the Fifth Infantry was not among them.

Note on representation of the Holocaust. It appears that images from Gusen were actually used to illustrate the Holocaust, but it appears that the images were frequently misidentified. Barbie Zelizer, in the book "Remembering to Forget" (Rutgers University Press) points out the many problems of misidentification of Holocaust photographs.

More images of the Mauthausen-Gusen complex.