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Ziwa Alexander Katz

Ziwa Alexander Katz: Born in Lithuania, survived Siauliai ghetto and Sutthof Concentration Camp. Ziwa Alexander Katz passed away at the age of 94 on December 16, 2010.

Ziwa-Legacy of a Holocaust Survivor (PDF )by Ann Losoff.

Ziwa Alexander Katz’s testimony is available at the University of Minnesota through the Visual History Archive developed by the USC Shoah Foundation institute for Visual History and Education (Also known as the Shoah Project). Visit the Visual History Archive website for more information.

Ziwa Alexander Katz, Holocaust survivor: Minneapolis Star Tribune 12-28-2010

Photo Gallery

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ziwa 5 years old

Ziwa four or five years old

ziwa in high school

Ziwa: High school photo, 1933

ziwa 1936

Ziwa: Photo, 1936


Family photo in Vyzhunis, Lithuania, c.1936 (L-R) Uncle Sasha, unknown, Malka Berka, Raisel Rapaport, two neighbors, Aunt Chasi, Aunt Hannah (Shaya's wife); Chana Raise Lifshitz; great Aunt and sister to grandfather; Riva Laika in background; Yosef Genkin from Dvinsk.

ziwa and train

Ziwa getting on train to Siaulai, 1936


Mother's brother's son Abraham Frono Crimea and his sister Genya, who became principal of Jewish High School in Siauliai, Lithuania; sister Chanja, Ziwa's younger brother, Roman.

wedding photo

Survivors include: Avigdor's little brother, Emmanuel (lives in Israel) on bottom row, age 13); sister and son-in-law Auspitz, Shoshana Sheshkin in back of the bride (Avraham Yitzhak Auspitz) Ziwa's sister in law; Shoshana's parents shown to the right of bride and groom, Frankel's mother, 2nd row, far right, and his mother-in-law above her.  Frankel's daughter is right to Mr. Frankel. When war broke out, the Frankel family left for the USA. Photo taken on April 3, 1938, Ziwa's uncles and aunts on left, other in-laws on right.

familly photo

Top Left: Mordechai, older brother Abraham, Avigdor Sheshkin (Ziwa's first husband), younger brother Levy and youngest borther Moshe.

Lower: Deborah, who was finance of Abraham; Ziwa and her parents.

Taken in Radvilluskis, Lithuania c. 1937.

wedding photo

Ziwa's wedding photo. Detail. 1938

chiam alexander

Chaim Alexander, Ziwa's second husband, after liberation from Dachau. His camp number: 82606. Chaim died in 1969.

wedding photo

Ziwa and Chaim Alexander, 1946 wedding photo.

ziwa 1946

Ziwa Alexander, 1946

press group

Chaim Alexander and press group, Munich, 1946. Chaim is standing, second from left.

ziwa in germany

Ziwa Alexander at Berteschgarten, Germany, 1946 after liberation.

wedding photo

Ziwa and Chaim Alexander at Berteschgarten, Germany 1946

ziwa 1946

Dr. Nachum Katz (left) and Chaim Alexander were fraternity brothers

ziwa and sons

Ziwa and two sons, Neil on left and Joe Alexander (right)

Dr. Nachum Katz and Ziwa 1990

Dr. Nachum Katz and Ziwa 1990 - married in 1986

ziwa and granddaughter

1985 photo of Ziwa with her youngest grand-daughter Heidi Alexander.

ziwa and granddaughter

Ziwa and granddaughter Carli, 1995.

ziwa's grandfather's grave

Ziwa's grandfather's grave from 1921 found in cemetery in Radvilluskis, 2000.



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