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  • Jane Pejsa

    Jane Pejsa

    Kenwood Publishing
    Publishing Date June 1, 2000

    Mission to Pomerania, Where Bonhoeffor Met the Holocaust

    A History and Traueler's Journal
    by Jane Pejsa

    Pomerania -- Pommern -- Pomorze

    • a beautiful land that borders the Baltic Sea
    • an old land whose history dates back a thousand years
    • a new land, where history began in 1945
    • a land where Jewish communities existed for 200 years,
    • the land where Dietrich Bonhoeffer first confronted the Holocaust, just after Kristallnacht 1938,
    • a land where this history is only now unfolding

    In October 1999, twenty-one travelers from three nations traveled to this place. Their purpose: to undertake a pioneer mission that quickly evolved into a celebration of reconciliation and gratitude. As the travelers journeyed through the countryside, they placed permanent memorial plaques at six sites, each calling to mind an almost forgotten history: two sites of synagogues destroyed on Kristallnacht 1938, the ruins of a Jewish cemetery also destroyed on Kristallnacht, and three sites from the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the martyred German theologian who participated in the failed conspiracy to kill Hitler and bring down the Nazis.

    Jane Pejsa is well versed in the conflicted history of Pomerania. In Mission to Pomerania she has documented the history of the region as well as the fragment history of each Bonhoeffer site and each Holocaust site. Thus, this contemporary travelogue becomes a lesson in historic events hardly covered in the Bonhoeffer literature & only vaguely cited in published Holocaust documents.

    Quality softcover $14.95, 100 pages
    19 photo illustrations, 3 sketches plus map from the journey, bibliography and index.
    After June 1, 2000, available at bookstores or from the publisher.
    ISBN 0-9612776-7-X

    Author Jane Pesja

    Over the past decade Jane Pejsa has had published four major non-fiction books - a true crime thriller and three biographies as well as a traveler's guide into history. This literary success has come after a full career in computer research and development.

    The unlikely turn in Jane Pejsa's career was sparked by her continuing curiosity when it comes to the unexplored corners of history. By applying her ample research skills and her gift for storytelling to the diverse subjects that catch her fancy, Ms. Pejsa has created a remarkable literary list.

    • Mission to Pomerania, Where Bonhoeffer Met the Holocaust, a History and Traveler's Journal, June, 2000
    • Romanoff--Prince of Rogues, the Life & Times of a Hollywood Icon, hard cover, 1997, the tale of a charming imposter, member of the Hollywood Ratpack, bosom buddy to Bogart, Monroe and Sinatra
    • The Molineux Affair, a true crime story set in Victorian New York; now in soft cover, also mass market and British hard cover editions.
    • Matriarch of Conspiracy, Ruth von Kleist 1867-1945, the biography of a woman and a family in the anti-Nazi conspiracy; now in soft cover. Also German and Japanese-language editions.
    • Gratin Countryman, Her Life, Her Loves and Her Library, the tale of an extraordinary public library director who used her powers to uplift and mold an entire community.

    Awards and Honors

    The Molineux Affair was finalist for the Edgar Allan Poe True Crime Award, presented by the Mystery Writers of America. A substantial Bush Foundation Artist's Grant facilitated the research and writing of Matriarch of Conspiracy, which later won both the Minnesota Book Award as Best Biography and the Midwest Independent Publishers Award as Best Book Overall. Jane Pejsa is recipient of Carleton College's Alumni Achievement Award. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and is listed in Who's Who of American Women.

    Jane Pejsa lives in Minneapolis, with her husband Arthur Pejsa.

    May, 2000