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  • Anne Ipsen

    Anne Ipsen

    a child's tapestry cover

    "How does a child learn all that a child must in the midst of war?
    How does an ordinary person resist horror and evil?"

    - Anne Ipsen


    The author enjoys talking to church, school, synagogue, and community groups about the unique events in Denmark during the war. Through readings, she explains the historical context and how the stubborn resistance of the people lead to the dramatic rescue of the Danish Jews. She describes the impact that even small gestures by individuals in a society can have in resisting evil.

    anne ipsenThe Author

    Anne Ipsen was born in Denmark, where she lived during the Second World War and the occupation by Germany. Afterwards, she and her parents traveled to the United States and eventually settled in Boston.

    Since 1970, Anne has lived in Minneapolis where she is a professor at the University of Minnesota.

    The Book

    A chronicle of homey images: of a mother who implores Anne to pick flowers with long stems, but gives her an egg cup for the tiny bouquet she brings home; a father's boost up the hills on bicycle treks to the cabin; two best friends whose rag dolls "canoe inside the radiators between apartments" at night.

    But for Anne, the ages from five to ten are overlaid with darker memories, of an increasingly resisted occupation of Denmark during World War II, German troops, an accidentally bombed school, and her father's stories of his trips with a Red Cross mission to German concentration camps.

    A Child's Tapestry of War
    Denmark 1940-1945

    by Anne Ipsen

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