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Photos Taken by Charles Groebner

Photos of liberation of Dachau by Charles Groebner, New Ulm, MN, GI in the US Third Army, April 1945.

dachau landscape
emaciated victim crematorium
piled bodies piled bodies
liberated men liberated men
corpse piled corpses
dachau through fence corpses
sherman tank

It has been pointed out to us by Ukrich Koch from Berlin who indicated that "This photo if from or nearby the city of Muehlhausen in northwest Thuringia on April 5th, 1945. It shows a Sherman tank of the 6th Armored Division and infantrymen of the 65th Infantry Division in the at Muehlhausen of situated municipality of Oberdorla. The genuine photographer is Charles Eugene Sumners, 166th Photo Signal Company (For reference on this see the book "Darkness Visible," 2002 by MacFarland, North Carolina). There is a bigger series of photos which have arisen before and after this photo; parallel to it film photos the cameraman Russ Meyer. There is a distance of about 700 kilometers between Oberdorla and Dachau. See web page by Ulrich Koch on the controversy of who is defined as a liberator of the Western concentration camps.