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Minnesotans and the Eugenics Movement

Minnesota and the Eugenics Movement

The University of Minnesota housed the Dight Institute for the promotion of Human Genetics that was interested in the same type of eugenics as Nazi medicine. The Institute existed at the U of M until the early 1960s.

Minnesota Eugenics Society & Founder Charles Fremont Dight
Letter from Charles Dight, President of the Minnesota Eugenics Society to Adolf Hitler, dated August 1, 1933. From collection of Charles Fremont Dight Papers P1628 Minnesota Historical Society, from scrapbook in Box 8
The Dight Institute of the University of Minnesota
The Historical Perspective: Sheldon Reed and 50 Years of Genetic Counseling
Bulletin - Dight Institue of the University of Minnesota
Reactivation of the Dight Institue, 194701949 ; Counseling in Human Genetics
Minnesota Eugenics Society & Founder Charles Fremont Dight
Prof. Clarence p. Oliver
Inventory of Dight's Papers at the MN Historical Society
Eugenics Record Office (PDF)


A Conversation with Professor Frank Hirschbach, German Department Emeritus, who passed away on December 12. This article was originally published in GSD Magazine, Spring 2004.

Champion of Social Justice: Contributions of Gisela Konopka, Janice Andrews, PhD. (with permission of author). Also read Sunday Magazine's article on Gisela Konopka .
Eulogy for Gisela Konopka.
Renowed U Social Scientist Gisela Konopka dies, Star Tribune (published 12/10/03).

Talk by Adolf Lustig, Refugee from Germany to Australia. His daughter, Ruth King-Smith now lives in Minneapolis.

Robert Matteson Obituaries from 1994, Originally published in Star Tribune (1/25/94).

Henryk Gurman, Rite of passage comes 60 years late (PDF) (originally published in Pioneer Press (6/11/01). St. Paul Pioneer Press featuring Henryk Gurman (PDF).
The Invisible Front-line Officers (PDF), Statement in Light of the Experiences of Fighting Nazi Germany in the Polish Forces under Soviet Command in World War II.



Partial histories of these and other Minnesotans connected with the Holocaust can be found in the book:

Witnesses to the Holocaust : An Oral History (Twayne's Oral History Series, No 2) Rhoda G. Lewin(Editor) / Paperback / Published 1991
Order through or similar bookseller: $19.00

America at Dachau, from the collection of Dorothy Wahlstrom, Minnesota Liberator of Camps.

Holocaust survivors, members of the second generation and camp liberators are available to speak in schools. Contact Jewish Community Relations Council at 612-338-7816.

Mission to Pomerania, Where Bonhoeffer Met the Holocaust, a History and Traveler's Journal, by Jane Pejsa.

A Child's Tapestry of War, Denmark 1940-1945, by Anne Ipsen.

My Name Was No. 133909 ... and I Sang, An autobiography by Murray Brandys as told to Karin B. Miller. Murray Brandys is a Holocaust survivor living in Minnesota.