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  • Savings Card Theresienstadt

    Savings Card Theresienstadt

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    savings card

    "Bank der Juedischen Selbstverwaltung Theresienstadt. Sparkarte" - Savings card of the Bank of the autonomous Jewish self-government of the concentration camp Theresienstadt. Holder: Ida Wollner. There was no "free credit" but only "frozen credit" - Ida Wollner could not withdraw any of "her" money. Entries between July 15th, 1943 and August 8th, 1944. In the end her account was 1,635 crowns in credit. 4 pages, card; left and right side are fixed together. Unique and impressing document of the living conditions in the ghetto Theresienstadt.We have never seen such a savings card of Theresienstadt before. Size: 8.2x5.5.

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