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  • Postcard from Vincour

    Postcard from Vincour

    Postcard from VincourPostcard from the concentration camp Theresienstadt, Bohemia. Front page - form: "Prisoner (Ferd. Vincour). Political prison Theresienstadt, Little Fortress, cell (6). Excerpt of the prison order. Every prisoner of preventive detention is allowed to receive and send one letter or card per month. Envelopes must not be lined. Only one stamp can be added. The letters can have no more than 2 pages with 15 lines each, must be written with ink and clearly readable. Letters to prisoners who are not here anymore will not be forwarded. Letters which do not meet the instructions will neither be sent nor handed over. Food parcels will not be accepted. Money is sendable through the post only. Up to 50 crowns per month." Sent on January 3rd, 1945, by the Czech Ferdinand Vincour to his wife. Vincour writes in German that he is alright and thanks for the received Christmas parcel and money. He prepared a parcel of old clothes which can't be sent at the moment (1945 !!!). 60 hellers Hitler protectorate franking. Size: 5.8x4.0.

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