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  • Daily Order Theresienstadt #411

    Daily Order Theresienstadt #411

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    daily order theresienstadt #411, front, 1944daily order theresienstadt #411, reverse, 1944

    Daily order Theresienstadt #411, Front, 1944 Daily order Theresienstadt #411, Reverse, 1944

    Daily order of the concentration camp Theresienstadt, Bohemia. Issued by the council of elders of the autonomous Jewish self-government of the camp. Order No. 411, February 12th, 1944. Announcing

    1. warning about escape attempts which would cause heavy disadvantages also to one's relatives inside and outside the camp;
    2. rota of washing;
    3. regulation of receiving parcels from the "Protectorate";
    4. judgements of the ghetto-court (e.g. Hans Eckstein was sentenced to a 10 days detention because of stealing bread and margarine from another prisoner).

    Signed by the head of the council of elders, Mr. Zucker. Original copy for the internal use in the camp.  Size: 8.2x11.6.

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