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  • Daily Order Theresienstadt #410

    Daily Order Theresienstadt #410

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    daily order theresienstadt #410, front, 1944daily order theresienstadt #410, reverse, 1944

    Daily order Theresienstadt #410, Front, 1944 Daily order Theresienstadt #410, Reverse, 1944

    Daily order of the concentration camp Theresienstadt, Bohemia. Issued by the council of elders of the autonomous Jewish self-government of the camp. Order No. 410, February 12th, 1944. Announcing

    1. rota of postal service/ postal regulations;
    2. judgements of the ghetto-court (e.g. Karl Heumann was sentenced to a 3 weeks detention and the loss to hold an office in the camp administration because - as post office-worker - he had stolen cakes and sugar out of a parcel).

    Signed by the head of the council of elders, Mr. Zucker. Original copy for the internal use in the camp.  Size: 8.2x11.6.

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