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Life Under Nazism - Part 1

These slides were found at a flea market in Arkansas and donated to our center. They are an official product of NSDAP to show life under Nazism. Our guess is that they were used in schools. They were positive (slide) black and white prints on a single uncut role probably used in schools with a script. These slides depict some of the "normal" everyday life and activities of Nazism, not the Holocaust.

Blut und Boden = Blood and Soil
Die Nation braucht Dein Opfer = The Nation needs your Sacrifice

Gaupropagandaleitung NSDAP / Mainfranken Gaubildstelle / Gaubildbericht 8/42 = GAU - propaganda-coordination NSDAP / Mainfranken (area in southern Hessen, south of Frankfurt) GAU - picture - service office / GAU - picture report 8/42

Dr. Hellmuth Plan / Nationalsozialistische Raumordnung / Planung und Bauleitung: Kulturbauamt Aschaffenburg / Art der Maßnahme: Wegbau und Bewäßerung / Umfang der Maßnahme: 25 ha d. Fl. Abt. hardt / Träger der Arbeit: Wasser u. Bodenverband Eisenbach / Träger d. Dienstes: Kriegsgefangenen kdo. Eisenbach = Dr. Hellmuth Plan / National-Socialist coordination of landscaping / Planning and Construction: Cultural Construction State Office Aschaffenburg (Bavaria) / Kind of project: building of road and irrigation / Size of project: 25 ha of the area hardt / Constructor: Water and ground society Eisenbach / Provides of Work: Prisoner of War Commando (?) Eisenbach

These pictures are in particular interesting since they represent a cross section, so it seems, from different social levels. They all appear to be coming from southern Germany, some of the women were local costume; the funeral photo is with nuns who might be working for a medical service. Assumingly these images were taken by someone visiting or living there at the time, in any case familiar with the scenes, also since the photographer got quite close to speakers and others, main stages at events etc, and none of the people in the pictures (high and low party functionaries and so on) seem to have minded. In addition, the working place of POW's such as construction areas was not always accessible to everyone either.

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