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Hadamar: Committed to Hadamar Hospital

Courtesy of PROFF, Prosjekt Felles Framtid, Sandefjord, Norway

Alexander G

"VERLAGT NACH HADAMAR" ("Committed to Hadamar") tells the true story of a reality that occured not more than some 50 years ago.  For the first time, in Spring 1991, these photographs were showed to the public in the Hessen district in Germany.  The exhibition shows how a public health service could be corrupted into the grotesquely inhumane!

It shows the destiny of the 200,000 mentally disabled people, psychiatric patients and people with genetic disabilities, who were killed by the Nazis in the years of the war.

The exhibition also tells us about the 400,000 who were sterilized by force.

Table of Contents

A Foreword

The Occurrence


Perpetrators, Persons Involved, Witnesses and Collaborators

Persons Concerned

The Aftermath

An Afterword


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