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Judaica-Holocaust Immigration Passport / J-book

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This is the original passport, or "J-book," of a Jew who was fortunate to escape Nazi-occupied Austria by immigrating to Argentina in early 1940. The images below show the exceptionally fine condition of the passport of Dr. Max "Israel" Prager, an Austrian industrial chemist. All of the appropriate markings provide a wealth of information in this document. They include the dated (26.5.1939) red "J" and his signature on page 1, his photograph/signature on p.2, the exit (Austria), transit (Trieste) and entrance (Argentina) visas along with a variety of other official, required handstamps throughout the document. He sailed as a third class passenger on board the "Neptunia" on January 14, 1940 and arrived in Buenos Aires on February 11. Handstamps for the ship and his arrival appear on the inside covers.

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