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ns certificate

Most people who are familiar with World War II and the Holocaust, are also familiar with the extent Nazis went to, in order to determine Germans of pure Aryan descent, to ensure a pure German nation. All kinds of criteria was used including caricatures showing Jewish types, and the testing of pure Aryans by determining their genealogical Aryan purity. Of course, this was used for the express purpose of weeding out Jewish or other non-pure Aryan blood. For example, Germans wishing to join the Nazi party had to undergo rigorous questioning to determine their genealogy. These documents are important to us for they show the methods used by the Nazis in all walks of life to exclude German Jews from German society. The item shown is such a document. It was used to determine that the applicant for the Nazi party, in this case was a full blooded German, whose parents and grandparents were also pure Germans. This document was used in Austria and is dated 1940. To go one step further, to join the dreaded SS, one had to fill out an additional document going back to great great grandparents to determine a pure blood German. These documents are rare and important, insofar as they tell us, in the most devious ways possible, the extent to which the Nazis tried to foster a pure blood Aryan race.

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