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  • Suggested Readings & Videos

    Suggested Readings & Videos

    Suggested Reading

    Michael J. Arlen, Michael J. Arlen, Passage to Ararat (Ballantine Books: 1975)

    Vahakn N. Dadrian, Genocide as a Problem of National and International Law: The World War 1 Armenian Case and its Contemporary Legal Ramifications (Yale Journal of International Law, Vol. 14, Number 2: 1989)

    Richard G. Hovannasian, The Armenian Genocide: History, Politics, Ethics (Macmillan: 1992)

    Richard G. Hovannasian, editor, The Armenian Genocide in Perspective (Transaction Books: 1986)

    Richard D. Kloian, The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts for the American Press, 1915-1922 (ACC Books: 1985)

    David Marshall Lang, The Armenians: A People in Exile (Allen & Unwin: 1983)

    Donald E. Miller, Survivors: An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide (University of California Press: 1993)

    Henry Morganthau, Ambassador Morganthau's Story (New Age Publishers)

    Robert F. Melson, Revolution and Genocide: On the Origins of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust (University of Chicago Press: 1992)

    James Nazer, The First Genocide of the 20th Century: The Story of the Armenian Massacres in Text and Pictures (T & T Publishing: 1968)

    Selected Videos

    The Armenian Case
    43 min/Color HS+/VHS
    Survivors of Turkish atrocities and European and American eyewitness accounts recall the chilling historical events that were to shape the destiny of the Armenian people. The film includes notable sequences on World War I, President Wilson, the battle of Sardarabad, the establishment of the Republic of Armenia, and the rebuilding of Armenian life in the worldwide diaspora.
    Subject(s): Genocide; Armenians; Vendor. Atlantis Productions

    The Armenian Genocide
    26 minutes/ Color & BW Grades 9-12/VHS
    This documentary raises questions about ethnic and racial discrimination by using the 1915-1923 annihilation by the Ottoman Empire as a case example.
    Subject(s): Armenian Genocide; Vendor. Social Studies School Service

    An Armenian Journey
    S8 min l Color JHS/VHS
    For 75 years, a bitter debate has raged over the death of more than one million Armenians in eastern Turkey during World War I. Were they casualties of war or the victims of a calculated effort by Turkish officials to exterminate the Armenian people? Theodore Bogosian, an American journalist of Armenian descent, documents his personal quest for the truth in "An Armenian Journey."
    Subject(s): Genocide; Armenians; Vendor. Films Incorporated

    Back to Ararat
    95 min l Color HS+/VHS
    A journey along the path of the long Armenian death march of 1915. From the former Armenia, now in ruins in present-day Turkey, to the Armenian Diaspora throughout the world, we are guided by some of those who survived the genocide of 1915.  We experience the spirit of "Glasnost" in Soviet Armenia, where Armenians have found a cultural homeland, and we meet Armenians living in war-torn Beirut.
    Subject(s): Armenians; Genocide; Vendor. First Run Features

    The Forgotten Genocide
    28 min l Color HS/VHS
    A classic and definitive film about the first genocide of the twentieth century told for the first time by eyewitness accounts of Armenian survivors and rare archival film footage.
    Subject(s): Genocide, Armenians; Vendor. Atlantis Productions

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