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  • Ciller Denies Armenian Genocide

    Ciller Denies Armenian Genocide

    Turkish Prime Minister Tanzu Ciller

    September, 1994

    It is not true that the Turkish authorities are unwilling to state their position on the so-called Armenian issue.  Our position is very clear,  It is evident today that the Armenian claims are unfounded and illusory in light of historical facts.  Armenians were not subjected to genocide in any way.

    Therefore, Turkey cannot be accused of something which did not happen.  For this very simple reason it is also senseless to demand any compensation for such a deliberately created myth.

    Let Armenians keep in mind that the Armenians of Istanbul are hostages in the hands of Turks. Let them forget the past, if not, not a single Armenian will live in Istanbul.  It is true now it is not easy to commit genocide again, but we can make the atmosphere unbreathable for the Armenians.

    From "Yeni Istiklal Haftakik Siyasi Gasete." Istanbul, January 25, 1967.

    The pervasiveness and persistence of this denial syndrome is articulated by British author David Hotelman, who in the 1960's spent eight years in the capital of Turkey as the London Times correspondent and is fluent in Turkish:

         " ... all Turks, so far as I have been able to judge, are adamant on the Armenian question.  No Turk, I have met, however sophisticated, westernized, or however well I have personally knew hime, has ever in my hearing shown a sense of guilt about the fate of the Armenians; divided on most other question, the Turks seem united on this."

    From Documentation of the Armenian Genocide in Turkish Sources. 
    By Vahakn Dadrian.  1991. Page 101.

    "Only the Turks are held responsible for the murder of eight hundred thousand of their citizens."

    - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

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