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Armenian Posters and Cartoons

American and British Relief Posters About Armenia, c.1915

give or we perish

World War I Poster from 1918. W.T. Benda. 23 x 36 inches, circa 1918.

lest we perish

"Lest We Perish" By E.F. Bettsbains

This is a Classic, Haunting Image of a Middle Eastern Girl with Her Arms out in Plea, measures 20 x 30"

child at your door

This is an Original 1918 Poster "The Child at Your Door".  This poster pleads for relief for the 400,00 starving Orphans in the Near East Charcoal Sketch leaves you with an unforgettable image of the orphan.  Measures: 14" x 21".

save a life

Armenian-Syrian WWI Poster, 1918

This Simple, yet Powerful, typographic windowcard values Saving a Life at 17 Cents a Day with 2.5 Million Starving by the American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief in New York, measures 18 x 12".

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Cartoons by Aram Attarian

massacred armenians

Massacred Armenians. March 16, 1946.

the unpunished criminal

The Unpunished Criminal. January 1, 1946.

return of lands

World Pressure for Return of Lands. April 6, 1946.

turkish imperialism

Turkish Imperialism. May 25, 1946.

turkish jitters

Turkish Jitters. January 5, 1946