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Title: "Terezin Diar"
Description: Focuses on Helga Kinsky, who at the age of 12 came to Terezin with her father. Helga kept a carefully written diary of camp life that begins on 17 January 1943, and ends on 23 October 1944. Helga, along with 9 other survivors, describes the strange paradoxes of the "model"ghetto. 1992.
Film Length: 85 minutes

Title: "They Risked their Lives: Rescuers of the Holocaust. "
Description: Interviews with rescuers from 12 countries.
Film Length: 54 minutes.

Title: "The 81st Blow. "
Description: Israeli made documentary based on the story of a youth beaten by Germans who survived 80 blows. The 81st is that people do not believe his story after the war. The film is made up of extraordinary footage from various ghettos and camps. The narration (Hebrew with English subtitles) includes excerpts from the Eichmann Trial. Very dramatic.
Film Length: 115 minutes.

Title: "The Armenian Case"
Description:  Survivors of Turkish atrocities and European and American eyewitness accounts recall the chilling historical events that were to shape the destiny of the Armenian people.  The film includees notable sequences on World War I,  President Wilson, the battle of Sadarabad, the establishment of the Republic of Armenia, and the rebuilding of Armenian life in the world-wide Diaspora.
Film Length:  43 minutes.

Title: "The Armenian Genocide: Annihilation of the Armenian Population of the Ottoman Empire 1915-1923."
Description: Produced for the Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission of the State of California, this films brings by showing current human rights violations and relates them to other atrocities throughout history.  It shows how small violations may lead to genocide, i.e. the extermination of a racial, national, ethnic, or religious group through physical destruction, prevention of births, or forcible transfer of children.  The film explains historical events leading up to the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923.  Concluding questions generate student discussion and related historical events to the present.
Film Length: Hagopian, J. Michael. Armenian Film Foundation, 25 mins.

Title: "The Children of Chabannes. "
Description: Unfinished documentary about a town in France that saved Jews.

Title: "The Double Crossing: The Voyage of the St. Louis"
Description: Documentary, good in length for classroom use, that tells the story of the St. Louisóa ship which tried to bring more than 900 (mostly Jewish) refugees to Cuba and the United States in 1939. It was refused entry by both countries and sent back to Europe, where many of its passengers were eventually killed. Features interviews with passengers. 1992.
Film Length: 29 minutes.

Title: "The Forgotten Genocide"
Description:  A classic and definitive film about the first genocide of the twentieth century told for the first time by eyewitness accounts of Armenian survivors and rare archival film footage.
Film Length:  28 minutes.

Title: "The Garden of the Finzi-Continis"
Description: Amid the ravages of WWII, the Finzi-Continis, a cultured Jewish family, languishes in splendor on their Eden-like estate in Ferrara, Italy.  As the political atmosphere becomes increasingly hostile to its Jewish citizens, the carefree Finzi-Continis children turn to their well appointed home into a refuge for their young friends.

Title: "The Great Dictator"
Description: Charlie Chaplin plays two totally opposite roles in this film.  One of his masterfully drawn characters is a Jewish barber facing the constant threat of storm troopers and religious persecution.  The other is the great dictator, Hynkel, a brilliant lampoon of Adolf Hitler that is awesome proof of Chaplin's pantomime genius.

Title: "The Great Escapes of WWII"
Description: This program tells the complete account of the legendary Escape from Germany's Stalag Luft III.  Rare photographs and interviews with surviving escapees recall the operation that took 600 men more than a year to execute.
Film Length: 50 minutes

Title: "The Holocaust"
Description: An excellent overview of the Nazi reign of terror. Uses archival photos and film footage. 1988.
Film Length: 24 minutes

Title: "The Janovska Camp at Lvov"
Description: 200,000 Jews were taken to Janovska between 1941 and 1944. Only 300 survived! In 1990 some of the survivors returned to the scenes of the mass murders. Among those in the film are Simon Wiesenthal and Rabbi David Kahane, Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Air Force (Ret.). English and Hebrew with subtitles. 1993.
Film Length: 52 minutes.

Title: "The Journey of Butterfly"
Description: This documentary weave together the music, art, poetry and history of the children imprisoned by the Nazis in the ghetto at Terezin in Czechoslovakia from 1941 to 1945.

Title: "The Last Sea"
Description: The story of the liberation of the camps and the illegal immigration to Palestine/Israel after 1945. Uses extensive documentary footage, especially of the ships used to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Hebrew with English dubbing.
Film Length: 63 minutes.

Title: "The Last Seventh Months of Anne Frank"
Description: Begins where the diary leaves off. Eight women who were friends of Anne Frank trace her route to Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen.
Film Length: 75 minutes.

Title: "The Lonely Struggle of Marek Edelmann"
Description: Edelmann, a cardiologist in Lodz, is the sole surviving member of the leadership of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. He gives an insider 's account of the 1943 uprising against the Germans.
Film Length: 60 minutes

Title: "The Long Way Home"
Description: This film traces intimate stories of courage in the harrowing years between the end of WWII and the formation state of Israel.  Using enormously powerful and rare archival footage, original broadcasts and personal testimonies from survivors of history's greatest horror, the film interweaves images of hope and gentile humanity with the broader historical events of 1945-48.

Title: "The Longest Hatred: History of Antisemitism"
Description: A three-part, 150 minutes documentary about the history of antisemitism. Part I, "From the Cross to the Swastika." Traces the influence of anti-Judaism in Christian writings and the analyzes the impact of the historic demonization of Jews on Nazi ideology. Part II, "Enemies of the People." Discusses the connections between antisemitism and nationalism. Part III, "Between Moses and Mohammed." Offers an humanistic look at the relationship between Arabs and Israelis and describes anti-Jewish propaganda in the Arab world.
Film Length: 150 minutes in three segments

Title: "The Mystery of Josef Mengele"
Description: This film parallels historical accounts of the international manhunt for the Nazi doctor who confounded the international justice system, eluded capture and dying of old age before his pursers could bring him to trial.  Israeli agents who spent years on Mengele's trial speak of their failure to find him.  Today, we still remain fascinated with his atrocities against humanity and his baffling escape from justice.

Title: "The Nasty Girl"
Description: Sonja is 'The Nasty Girl', who is a young girl whose digging for the truth gets her buried in the cover-up.  A school project inspires Sonja to investigate her own town's past.  Sonja discovers that her small town has some big secrets and his victimized by locals and bomb threats become real as a result of her curiosity.  However, Sonja is not about to give up the fight no matter how outrageous or absurd it gets.

Title: "The Other Side of Faith"
Description: Stefani Podgorska Burzminski and her 6 year old sister provided refuge for 13 Jewish men, women and children in the attic of their small home.  This documentary is a compelling witness to their exceptional courage.

Title: "The Rise and Fall of the Third ReichMGM documentary based on the book by William L. Shirer. Excellent footage and commentary about the Third Reich. "
Film Length: 120 minutes

Title: "The Restless Conscience"
Description: This is a powerful feature documentary exploring the motivating principles and activities of the anti-Nazis resistance inside German from 1933 to 1945.

Title: "The Road to Wannsee"
Description: Documentary about the 20 January 1942 conference in which Nazi leaders openly discussed the "Final Solution." Includes interviews with Professors Yehuda Bauer and Eberhard Jackel.
Film Length: 50 minutes.

Title: "The Shop on Main Street"
Description: Jan Kadar and Elmar Klos combine pathos with humor to tell the heartbreaking story of the friendship that develops between an elderly, hard of hearing Jewish woman who owns a button shop and the good- natured carpenter appointed by the Nazis her Aryan controller.

Title: "The State of Israel versus John Ivan Demjanjuk"
Description: This film follows the complex trials of John Ivan Demjanjuk, who was found guilty of being "Ivan Grozny"of Treblinka and sentenced to death only to have the ruling overturned by the Israeli Supreme Court. Demjanjuk now lives in Cleveland (Ohio, USA) without US citizenship. 1989.

Title: "The Wannsee Conference"
Description: Austrian-made dramatization of the 20 January 1942 conference. Closely follows notes taken at the actual conference. 1984. German with English subtitles.
Film Length: 87 minutes

Title: "The World of Anne Frank"
Description: A poignant and informative docu-drama on Anne Frank and the Holocaust.  Highlighted by dramatic recreations from Anne's diary, the video is effectively interspread with documentary information including rare film footage, photographs and interviews with Anne's father and those who risked their lives to save the Frank family.

Title: "The World at War"
Description: This is the definitive film about WWII, made using the most dramatic documentary footage ever seen. The World at War chronicles events through the experiences of ordinary men, and women- American, British, German, Japanese, and Russian, who lived and fought through the most momentous conflict in world history.

Title: "Theriesenstadt: Gateway to Auschwitz, Reflections from a Childhood"
Description: In 1941 the Germans converted the fortress of Theriesenstadt in Czechoslovakia into a ghetto for Jewish deportees en route to annihilation in the "East." Of the some 15,000 children who were 15-years old or younger at the time of their imprisonment less than 50 survived. This film tells their story, recounting tales of friendship, youthful adventure, first love, adolescent enthusiasms and the strength of family ties. 1988.
Film Length: 58 minutes.

Title: "Trail of Tears."

Title: "Tzvi Nussbaum: The Boy from Warsaw"
Description: Nussbaum was immortalized in the famous photo from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943. He survived the ghetto and Bergen-Belsen camps and is now a medical doctor in New York. Hebrew with English subtitles.
Recommended Ages: Grades 10 and up.