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Book and Video Library: S

Title: "Schindler."
Description: Documentary about Oskar Schindler.
Film Length: 120 minutes.

Title: "Schindler's List"
Description: Steven Spielberg's academy-award winning movie about Oskar Schindler.
Film Length: 270 minutes.

Title: "Shtetl (from the PBS Frontline Series)."
Description: Three-hour documentary follows a Holocaust survivor 's journey to Bransk, Poland to examine events in November 1942, when 65% of the town's residents "suddenly disappeared." In a slow, steady manner, the survivor and a young Polish historian unearth the artifacts, memories and evidence of murder of Jews by both Germans and Poles, including some brutal deeds by neighbors. The film includes an interview with Dr. Yaffa Eliach, whose mother and brother were killed by members of the Polish Home Army. Note that some Poles and Polish-Americans hotly contest the film's veracity. 1996.
Recommended Ages: Grades 10 and up

Title: "Simon Wiesenthal: Freedom is not a Gift from Heaven"
Description: Life story of the most famous Nazi hunter. Shot on location in Austria, Germany and Israel. Focuses on Wiesenthal 's liberation from Mauthausen in 1945. Especially good when used in connection with Wiesenthal 's book The Sunflower. German with English with subtitles.
Film Length: 60 minutes.

Title: "Sophie's Choice"
Description: The story revolves around Sophie's struggle as a Polish-Catholic immigrant in the U.S. who had survived a Nazi concentration camp. Sophie's, her lover and a friend grow close, and as the trio grow closer, her friend discovers the hidden truths that they each harbor, resulting in a narrative that is both captivating and moving.

Title: "Sorrow: the Nazi Legacy"
Description: A group of 6 Swedish teenagers (Jews and non-Jews) embark on a journey to Auschwitz. They meet with Ruth Elias, a survivor whose baby born in Auschwitz was killed by one of Dr Mengele 's "experiments,"and Niklas Frank, the son of the Governor General of the "Generalgouvernment,"Hans Frank, during the war. Documentary. 1993.
Film Length: 33 minutes.

Title: "Sousa: Refuge in the Dominican Republic"
Description: In 1940 the Dominican Republic, ruled by the dictator Raphael Trujillo, offered sanctuary to Jews.

Title: "Strangers In A Promised Land"
Description: Strangers in a Promised Land is the saga of the Armenians of Fresno, California over a hundred year period.  The film depicts the universal experience of immigration, the overcoming of adversity, discrimination, and the achievement of success.
Film Length:  60 minutes.