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Book and Video Library: R

Title: "Rescuers: Stories of Courage"
Description: From the producer Jeff Freilich comes these compassionate stories about two remarkable families who risk everything to help Jewish refugees during the holocaust. Putting well being of strangers ahead of their own personal safety, they brought hope and humanity to people who had lost both.
Film Length: 105 minutes.

Title: "Return to Life"
Film Length: 60 minutes.

Title: "Return to my Shtetl: Delatyn"
Description: Willy Lindwer and his daughter accompanied by his father return to Galicia in 1991 in search of father 's hometown, Delatyn. Unique film of prewar life. Dutch with English subtitles.
Film Length: 60 minutes.

Title: "Routes to Roots: A Time to Gather Stones Together"
Description: Made by the genealogist Miriam Wiener. Traces Holocaust survivors searching for their roots in prewar Galicia. 1993.
Film Length: 29 minutes.

Title: "Rescue in Scandinavia"
Description: This program combines personal interviews of some of the individuals who risked their lives to help Jews during the holocaust. Together with its enclosed Discussion Guide Bibliography it is an exceptional educational program for studies relating to World War II and the impact of the Holocaust in Scandinavia, and for studies on social values and inter-cultural understanding.
Film Length: 56 minutes.