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Book and Video Library: F-J

Title: "Forests of Valor: Partisans and the Underground"
Description: Rare archival footage from Russian military museums sheds new light on the story of the Jewish underground. Includes visit to the 9th Fort outside of Vilna (Lithuania). 1989.
Film Length: 52 minutes.  

Title: "Flames in the Ashes: Resistance"
Description: Exploration of the numerous ways that Jews resisted the Nazis. English subtitles. 1986.
Film Length: 90 minutes.

Title: "From Bitlis to Fresno"
Description: 100 years of an Armenian American Family in California.  This is the fascinating story of a people who lost their heritage for lack of interest.  Some have relearned their old language and are experiencing a rebirth of the Armenian spirit.
Film Length: 56 minutes

Title: "Good Evening Mr. Wallenberg"
Decription: Tells the story of Raoul Wallenberg, one of the greatest unsung heroes of WWII, and the only man aside from Sir. Winston Churchill to ever be made an honorary citizen of the United States. Drama. 1990.
Film Length: 115 minutes.

Title: "Historical Armenia"
Description: This film is a record of a captivating journey through the ancient homeland of the Armenians. The journey covers virtually the same route as that of the U.S. Military Mission to Turkey and Armenia in 1919.
Film Length: 53 minutes

Title: "Hitler."
Film Length: 103 minutes.

Title: "Hitler's Youth Quex"
Description: Produced in 1933 this propaganda film was produced by the Nazis to help induct the youth of Germany into the Nazi party by portraying the party as a "family" and how only "the special and wise" can see the importance and the vision of the Fuhrer. With original German audio track and English title cards and commentaries.
Film Length: 100 minutes.

Title: "Hitler's SS"
Description: The terrifying rise of the Third Reich is shown through the eyes of two brothers torn apart by Nazi tyranny!  One brother embraces Hitler's ideas, joins the SS, and becomes a tool in the implementation of Hitler's plans.  The other brother tries to cling to his apolitical, academic life in the face of unspeakable horror and impending doom. Drama.
Film Length: 146 minutes.

Title: "Hotel Terminus"
Description: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie- Klaus Barbie, a ruthless SS interrogator was implicated in 4000 deaths and the deportation of 7000 Jews from occupied France-and then he disappeared.  This video traces the 40-year hunt for Barbie, a hunt initiated by the very government that later hid him and protected his family. 1988.

Title: "Image Before My Eyes"
Description: A poignant look at Poland 's Jews between the wars. Survivors remember childhoods spent in villages, on farms and in cities. Their memories are illustrated with archival film and still photographs showing people, most of whom perished in the Holocaust, working, going to school and synagogue, and attending to the minutia of daily life. 1980.
Film Length: 90 minutes.
Recommended Ages: Grades 8 and up.

Title: "In Our Own Hands"
Description: From the trenches of Northern Italy to the refugee camps of wartorn Europe, In Our Own Hands unravels the thrilling tale of young Jewish soldiers who carried the weight of people on their shoulders. Documentary.
Film Length: 86 minutes.

Title: "In the Shadow of the Reich: Nazi Medicine:
Description: This documentary studies the step-by-step process that led the medical profession in the Third Reich down an unethical road to genocide. 1997.
Film Length: 54 minutes.

Title: "Is There Poetry after Auschwitz? "
Description: This video brings up a question can art convey and interpret the emotional truth of the Holocaust?  Through interviews with artist Vivienne Hermann interspread with images of her work, comments from her adult son, pre-war photographs, and personal letters, the film responds with a resounding "Yes!" Documentary. 1992.
Film Length: 60 minutes.

Title: "It was Nothing…It Was Everything"
Description: Offers through interviews and archival footage reflections on some of the events associated with the rescue of Greek Jews during the Holocaust. Documentary.
Film Length: 29 minutes.

Title: "Jews of Poland: Five Cities"
Film Length:
50 minutes