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Book and Video Library: D-E

Title: "Dances with Wolves"
Description: Rewarded for his heroism in the Civil War, Lt. John Dunbar wants to see the American frontier before it is gone. He is assigned to an abandoned fort, where a Sioux tribe is his only neighbor.  He learns the culture of the Sioux, lives with them, and even experiences the breathtaking excitement of a buffalo hunt, but his knowledge of the fate, which will ultimately befall the tribe, torments him.  He is finally faced with a decision that will cause him to examine his heart and soul before making a heroic choice that determines his destiny. Drama.
Film Length: 181 minutes.

Title: "Death March of the Jews from the Camp at Flossenburg"
Description: Documentary in English that follows the death marches in April 1945 from Flossenburg, a camp liberated by American troops. Interviews with survivors and memorial services, plus documentary footage of the period. 1997.
Film Length: 45 minutes

Title: "Eichmann: the Nazi Fugitive"
Description: Documentary about the capture of war criminal Adolf Eichmann. Re-enactment and interviews with the Israeli agents involved in the "hunt for Eichmann."
Film Length:
57 minutes.

Title: "Escape from Sobibor"
Description: Dramatization of the rebellion at the Sobibor death camp led by Lieutenant Sasha Pechersky. 1987.
Film Length: 120 minutes.

Title: "Europa Europa"
Description: In the midst of unimaginable chaos in WWII Europe, Solly, a resourceful Jewish teen, narrowly escapes capture by Nazis and is forced to run for his life. Separated from his family with little hope of survival, Solly vows to stay alive - even if it means donning a German uniform and posing a Nazi solidier! His charade is so convincing, he eventually lands in a school of Hitler Youth where he is able to enjoy the privileges of his enemies. But Solly's security is soon jeopardized when he falls for a pretty young German girl and his true identity become increasingly difficult to conceal.  With everything at stake, will Solly be able to maintain his front or will he be exposed to those who love him - and worse - to those who want him dead? 1991.
Film Length: 121 minutes.