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    Videos About Armenian History, Culture and the Genocide

    Available for free loan from Center for Holcaust and Genocide Studies, University of Minnesota. Call Kathryne Snyder at CHGS to borrow these videos. 612-624-0256.

    Assignment Berlin, produced and directed by Hrayr Toukhanian. Released in 1983 by Muse Pictures, 94 Minutes (Tells the story of Taalat's murder, the trail and reflects back on the story of the Genocide.)

    The Armenian Case, written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian. Released in 1975, 43 Minutes (Survivors of Turkish atrocities and European and American eyewitnesses recall the historic event that were to shape the destiny of the Armenian people.)

    The Armenian Genocide, produced by Atlantis Productions, Inc. Released in 1991, 25 minutes (This film is made to be used in high school classrooms to enable students to understand the meaning of genocide and recognize signs of human rights violations that could lead to the repetition of such acts in the future.)

    An Armenian Journey WGBH Boston. Released in 1987. 56 Minutes (Producer Theodore Bogosian travels to Turkey with a genocide survivor to revisit the scene of a massacre and to document the charges of genocide.)

    California Armenians: The First Generation, written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian. 30 Minutes (story of the original Armenians who emigrated from Marsovan, Turkey to Fresno, California.)

    Cilicia...Rebirth, written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian. Released in 1998, 26 Minutes (Story of descendants of the Kingdom of Cilicia who became part of the renaissance in Aleppo after W.W. I)

    Everyone's Not Here: Families of the Armenian Genocide, from the Armenian Assembly of America, 28 minutes (2 Copies) This video is available with a study guide.

    Excerpts from Legacy: The Armenian Heritage Through Motion Pictures, the Armenian Film Foundation, 23 Minutes (Legacy depicts the work of the Armenian Film Foundation and the importance of motion pictures in telling the Armenian story.)

    The Forgotten Genocide, written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian. 28 Minutes (Eyewitness accounts of survivors and rare archival film footage.)

    FRrom Bitlis to Fresno: 100 Years of an Armenian Family in California, The Karabians of Fresno, written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian. 56 Minutes

    The Great War: Total War, Episode 3 The Armenian Genocide,7 minutes. ABC News with Peter Jennings, The Century: The Armenian Genocide, 5 Minutes, April 24, 2000. (Both segments are on the same tape.)

    The Hidden Holocaust: The First Genocide of the 20th Century, A & E Home Video. 45 Minutes

    Historical Armenia, Written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian. 53 Minutes (Record of a journey through the ancient homeland of the Armenians)

    Mandate for Armenia: American Military Mission to Turkey and Armenia in 1919, written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian. 29 Minutes (Documentary of the period in history when the United States was considering becoming a protectorate power over the newly established Republic of Armenia and the Armenian provinces in Turkey.)

    San Francisco Board of Supervision Meeting, Monday, May 3, 1999 Vote on designating April 24, 1999 as Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day. 45 Minutes. (Day of commemoration was approved despite Turkish opposition.)

    Strangers in a Promised Land, written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian.Released in 1999, 60 Minutes (Saga of Armenians in Fresno, California over a hundred year period)

    Voices from the Lake: A Film about the Secret Genocide, written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian. Released 2000, 86 Minutes

    A Wall of Silence: The Unspoken Fate of Armenians, produced and directed by Dorothee Forma. Released in 1997, 54 Minutes (Documentary that focuses on the work of two historians, Turkish scholar Taner Akcam and Armenian professor Vahakn Dadrian)

    Where Are My People?, written and produced by J. Michael Hagopian. 28 Minutes (Chronicle of the Armenians maintaining the continuity of their ancient cultural heritage despite wars, oppressions and a final attempt at extermination in 1915-16.)

    Events recorded by the Center

    Armenian Workshop for Teachers, Held at the University of Minnesota on 4-13-00. (Two Tapes)

    Armenian Lecture by Professor Ron Suny, Professor Suny is from the University of Chicago

    Lectures by Vahakn Dadrian, These were held at the University of Minnesota Law School and the Jewish Community Center in the Spring of 2000.