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The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies Library has over 2,500 titles, including encyclopedias, historical accounts, art books and literature. These books are available for check-out to University students, faculty, staff and the general public. The books are housed in room 710 of the Social Sciences Building on the West Bank of campus.

If you are unable to make a visit to the Center, most of our titles are also available at Wilson Library (located on the West Bank of campus), and at local libraries throughout the state of Minnesota. To locate a title, you can easily search  If a title is not available in your area, please contact us by email at

CHGS also has a video collection of documentaries, narrative films and taped testimony that are available for check-out.

Please fill out this form to request materials.

CHGS has age-appropriate educational materials available for educators in Minnesota. Please visit our Educational Resource page for more information. 

Alphabetical Listing and Description of Selected Films
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Susan Gangl is the University of Minnesota library liaison for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. She can connect you with the resources you need to help you explore the University of Minnesota Libraries, and can recommend other selected resources to expand your research into the Holocaust and other genocides. Visit her Holocaust and Genocide Studies page, which contains a list of Internet and print resources that are available at Wilson Library. U of M faculty teaching related subject matter on campus may contact Susan to create a Library Course Page featuring resources specific to student research papers or assignments.