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  • Gypsies of Kosovo

    The Gypsies of Kosovo

    A Survey of Their Communities After the War

    Paul Polansky


    This survey was made possible by the financial support of People In Need (Prague, Czech Republic), Oxfam (Prishtine, Kosova) and Society for Threatened People International (Gottingen, Germany). I would also Eke to thank UNHCR for providing transport for the last week of this survey, and for their cooperation in letting me interview Roma and Hashkalij a in their refugee camps.

    Note on Spellings:

    The spelling most common in use today (November 1999) has been used for each community. For example, since most inhabitants in the capital of Kosova today are Albanians, I have spelled it Prishtine. If Serbs are still in the majority in a community, I have maintained the Serbian spelling.

    Version: 16 November 1999

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