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    Center for Bioethics Conference Audio

    Audios from the Center for Bioethics Conference on Medical Ethics and the Holocaust, May 17-19, 1989. Convened by Professor Arthur Caplan, Director, Center for Bioethics (now at University of Pennsylvania). Note:All files are in mp3 format.

    Tape 1 (Side A & Side B) and 1A.
    Introduction for Rabbi Irwin Wise, University of Minnesota Hillel Foundation (1989). Professor Arthur Caplan, Director, Center for Bioethics. Questions about Bioethics and the Holocaust.
    Tape 2 (Side A & Side B).
    Dr. Ruth Macklin, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and questions from the audience. Nazi policies concerning medical killing (T-4) and what some called "euthanasia."
    Tape 3 (Side A & Side B).
    Biomedical policies and programs in the area of Eugenics. Dr. Robert Proctor (New School and Penn State U); Dr. Beno Mueller-Hill. Discussion.
    Tape 4 (Side A & Side B).
    Dr. George Annas, Brown University.
    Tape 5 (Side A & Side B).
    Can scientists use information derived from the Concentration Camps? Dr. Robert Pozos, Vice President of Minority Affairs, University of Washington. Can human lives be saved using data from the Dachau hypothermia experiments?
    Tape 6 (Side A & Side B).
    Discussion: Panel of Witnesses and Survivors: Dr. Robert Berger (Harvard); Dr. Benjamin Freedman (McGill University); Charles Carroll, Susan Seiler Vigorito ("Mengele" Twin victim); Gisela Konopka (Resistance fighter).
    Tape 6A
    Discussion continues including Eva Kor, survivor of Mengele Twinning Experiments and founder of C.A.N.D.L.E.S.
    Tape 7 (Side A & Side B).
    Professor Jay Katz, Yale Law School, who was involved in the investigation of the Tuskegee Experiment. Author of "Experimentation with Human Beings."
    Tape 8 (Side A & Side B).
    The Use of Metaphors and Analogies Concerning the Holocaust in Contemporary Biological Debates. Professor John Dolan (U of M), Moderator.; Richard Neuhaus, "The Way they were, the Way we are." The talk raises questions of the relationship of abortion to the Holocaust. Questions from audience.
    Tape 9 (Side A & Side B).
    Conclusion. Arthur Caplan introduces a panel of survivors. Susan Vigorito, Gisela Konopka, Charles Carroll, Peter Berger. Continues on Tape 9A with end.
    Tape 10 (Side A & Side B) Tape 11
    William Seidlman (Mc. Gill University), Rabbi Irwinwise (Hillel Foundation, U of M), Dr. Ronald Cronford (Hennepin City Medical Center)
    Tape 11 (Side A & Side B).
    Lucy Smith, Child Survivor of holocaust from Warsaw, Poland.

    Publication. This conference resulted in a book edited by Professor Arthur Caplan (ed). "When Medicine Went Mad: Bioethics and the Holocaust: Papers from a Conference. May 17-19, 1989." Totowa, NJ. Humana Press, 1992. 359pp.