"In one way, having an enemy is very bad. It disturbs our mental peace and destroys some of our good things. But if we look at it from another angle, only an enemy gives us the opportunity to practise patience. No one else provides us with the opportunity for tolerance. Since we do not know the majority of the five billion human beings on this earth, therefore the majority of people do not give us an opportunity to show tolerance or patience either. Only those people whom we know and who create problems for us really provide us with a good opportunity to practise tolerance and patience."

Dalai Lama

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Minneapolis Opening Ceremony
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Coexistence in Hennepin County Plaza North, Minneapolis, 4th Avenue and 5th Street View of the Installation along 5th Street
*Mayor R.T. Rybak of Minneapolis speaking at opening
*Mark A. Zesbaugh, CEO of Allianz Life of North America
Randy Johnson, Hennepin County Commissioner, District 5
Shayk Mussa and Omar Jemal from the Minnesota Somali Community
Dean Steven Rosenstone, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota
Gail Dorfman, Hennepin County Commissioner District 3
*Raphie Etgar, Curator from Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem.
Aztec Dancers at the Opening U of M Steel Band
Billboard advertising the exhibition General images of the exhibition
Coexistence images in Hennepin County Plaza North, including night scenes.
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